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Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi factor authentication is an essential security mechanism to protect your account, it requires a personal phone or tablet.

You'll be asked to setup MFA the first time you attempt to login to something that uses Microsoft 365 as the login service from home.

You will need the "Microsoft Authenticator" app from either the Google Play or Apple app stores on to your phone or tablet. If your parents control which apps you can install on your device, please ask them to authorise the app in their parental control app. If you don't have a phone or tablet you can, if they agree, install the app on to a parents phone or tablet, however they will need to approve the login each time you attempt to access school accounts from home.

If you get stuck and need assistance, please see IT services and we'll walk you through the process.

Apple App Store: Microsoft Authenticator on the Apple App Store

Android Play Store: Microsoft Authenticator on the Google Play Store

Video Guides:

Setup video guide: Archway MFA Setup Video

Setup video guide for enrolling using only a phone: Archway MFA Setup Video - Phone Only 

Student Usernames and Passwords

Your username is unique and made up of your first name, last name and date of birth.

Your school email is your username followed by

Password requirements and tips

Student passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters. 

It can't be a password you've used before and it cannot contain words such as "archway", your username, or your first or last names. 

Tip 1: Don't use a pass"word" use a pass"phrase". Pick 4 random words that you can remember easily, make a story out of those 4 words that you can always remember:

For example: If you got a kitten on a Tuesday and there was sunshine, and your favourite food is chocolate. Try using: kittentuesdaysunshinechocolate as a password. It's very long, however it's easy to remember, and will have a higher strength and greater level of entropy than a pass"word" would likely have.

Tip 2: Now that you've got an easy to remember pass phrase, add in some complexity:

Capitalise each word to make it: KittenTuesdaySunshineChocolate. Maybe you got the kitten on the 31st, so you can make it Kitten31TuesdaySunshineChocolate. Lastly the sunshine and chocolate might have made you happy, so you can add the final bit of complexity with a smiley face to create the impenetrable passphrase of: Kitten31TuesdaySunshine:)Chocolate 

Tip 3: Check your passwords on to ensure your password isn't on a known list of weak passwords.

Tip 4: Check your password strength at to get an idea of how hard it would be for someone to crack your password, it'll also give you suggestions for your password on how to make it stronger. 

Tip 5: For more advanced password management use a password manager app and generate strong unique passwords for each account you have. Avoid using the same password more than once if you can help it.


Your student account is limited to a quota of £5 of printing credits per month. You can see your balance, what it costs to print in colour and mono, and see your recently printed documents by logging in here (in school only): Papercut User Login

If you're on the school Wi-Fi you can use also use the above link to print to certain web print enabled printers from your personal phone or tablet.

If you run out of print credits you can request more via the IT support desk.

All printing is logged. Misuse will result in the loss of printing privileges. 

Microsoft 365

To login to Microsoft 365 you need to use your school email, your school email is your username followed by For example:

Microsoft 365 Portal Login

Microsoft 365 Email

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft 365 is the name that encompasses everything from Microsoft Office online, such as your school email in Outlook, and OneDrive which is a storage area personal to you. It is sometimes referred to as just "365", Office 365", or "Microsoft Online" but they all mean the same thing.

Students can use Microsoft 365 to install Microsoft Office for free on up to 5 home devices by going to the Microsoft 365 link above and using the "Install Office" link in the top right of the Microsoft 365 portal.

The Microsoft Office apps can be installed on a phone for free from the Android and iOS app stores. You can also use Office directly within the web browser by using the Word, PowerPoint, Excel links in the Office 365 portal.


Satchel:One Login

If you have problems logging in to Satchel:One, follow these steps, and read the information above regarding logging in to Microsoft 365:

1. Ensure you're clicking on the "Sign in with Office 365" button, rather than using the login form. You should then be asked for your school email followed by your school password.

If you're logging in from outside of school you may then be asked for your second factor authentication method (App authenticator code, for Y8 and above).

If you're logging in from a school device or on the school Wi-Fi, the second factor authentication won't be requested.

2. If you have a home Microsoft/Outlook/Live/Hotmail account you may have problems logging in via the office 365 link due to cached/stored details of your personal account on your device.

Steps to resolve this depend on the device and web browser you're using, you'll need to browse using a guest or InPrivate/Incognito window, or in a separate browser profile, some examples of where to find this below:

  • In Google Chrome go to the top right, click on the coloured circle and choose to open a new Guest window.
  • In Edge go to the top right settings menu and open a new InPrivate window.
  • In Safari open a new tab and select Private tab.

Important note: The login process will fail when using Internet Explorer. We do not recommend using Internet Explorer for any schoolwork.

3. To be able to submit work the student has to be logged in, not the parent. Parents can only read their students homework page; no comments or submissions are possible without logging in as the student.


Your parents login to Edulink using a username that begins with p_. 

As students you need to click on the "Microsoft" button underneath the login form, a pop up will then ask for your school email, followed by your school password.


GCSE Pod Login

GCSEPod is now linked to Office 365.

Click the "Sign in with Office 365" button and use your school email account and password to login.

If you have issues using the sign in with office 365/Microsoft button, refer to the instructions above under the "Satchel:One" heading.

Sparx Maths

Sparx Maths LoginSparx is now linked to Office 365.

Click the "Log in to Sparx using Microsoft" button and use your school email and password to login.

If you have issues using the sign in with office 365/Microsoft button, refer to the instructions above under the "Satchel:One" heading.

MyON/Accelerated Reader

MyON Reader

Reading Tests

Your username to both is the same as your school username. Your passwords will be provided by your teacher. 

Foldr/Home Access

Home Access Login

Use the Home Access link above to login to Foldr with your school username and password.

Here you can access your H drive (home folder) and T drive (Teaching resources). You can upload and download files, as well as edit them directly in Office 365.

You will also be able to see your OneDrive account within Foldr and you can move files between your OneDrive and H drive should you wish. Foldr is also the default way of accessing your H drive from a chromebook.


Kerboodle Login

Your username is your school username or email, both will work. Kerboodle recently added the ability to login with Microsoft 365, depending on your account, you may be able to click the "Sign in with Microsoft" button to login that way.

If you forget your password, click "Trouble logging in?" on the Kerboodle login page, enter your school email address to request a password reset.

Institute code for Archway is: bbs3


Memrise Login

Your Memrise login is your school email and the password you chose yourself. Remember that your email is your username followed by

If you forget your password, click on the "I forgot my password" link on the Memrise login page. A link to reset your password will be sent to your school email.

Please do not click "login with google", "login with apple" etc. as your progress will not be recorded.

Any further issues with Memrise, please see or email your languages teacher. 

Other Resources

The Brilliant Club

Wellbeing Activities

Library Portal

Emailing a teacher

In order to easily find your teacher's email

  1. login to Microsoft 365, go to Outlook.
  2. Create a new message and click on "To".
  3. On the left select "All Users" and search all or part of your teacher's name.

For important safeguarding contact, email: 


Still having issues, or your issue not covered above?

Submit a ticket to the IT support portal here:Archway IT Support Portal and one of the team will do their best to help